Philip and Nicole Wedding

Hello loved ones, Thank you so much for sharing in our most special day! It means a lot to us that you can be there and we have bad ass surprises install. Dream !! The thing is, usually at occasions like this, tradition dictates that in exchange for a party you will remember forever, some people would like to give us a gift. Yes please!! We happen to already have a lot of life's necessities and daily needs are MET. We would, however, be deeply appreciative of a contribution to our honeymoon. We can't wait to honeymoon in Japan. Help make it happen, by contributing towards our ground transport, accommodation, food and/or an experience.  Thank you, we love you heaps, just you wait!! xoxo

Philip Hadfield,Nicole Wesseling,Phicole

Pakiri Hall 1026 Pakiri Road


Gift List

You can contribute as much as you would like towards single or multiple gifts.
Choose the gift (or gifts!) you would like to contribute to and enter in the amount you would like to put towards it.

One night in Fiji

100% Funded

A stop-over in Nadi on our way to Japan. This is the ideal place to chill, on our first night, at a resort by the poolside. We'll save exploring for Japan... this is a pampered relax.

Couples Massage

100% Funded

Treat Phicole to a bougie couple's massage on the first day of our honeymoon.

Japan Rail Pass (14 Days)

100% Funded

Contribute to our travel around Japan. Having the Rail Pass will save coin as we go: Airport to Tokyo / Tokyo to Kyoto / Kyoto to Hiroshima / Hiroshima to Osaka / Osaka to Tokyo / Tokyo to Airport

Airbnb in Tokyo

62% Funded

An apartment located in Shibuya - well located and cosy, simple but wonderful.

Personal Photographer & Guide in Tokyo

100% Funded

Kenji will show us around Shibuya, Shinjuku and the gritty side of Tokyo. The tour/photoshoot is around 2-3 hours. We'll get 15-20 high resolution photos, processed and ready to share with you.

Lunch at Uoriki Kaisen Sushi

100% Funded

Uoriki Kaisen is tucked away in Shibuya, under the busiest crossing in the world. Located in the basement of the Tokyo Department Store, this will be a perfect lunch spot on one of our days in Tokyo.

Late night dinner in Tokyo

100% Funded

Just outside the west gate of Shinjuku station lies Omoide Yokocho (or Memory Lane), a collection of small bars, yakitori grills and food stalls that for locals is more than the sum of its parts.

Day Trip to Hakone

100% Funded

7:00am - Train 10:15am Hakone Shrine and the Peace Shrine Gate 11:00am Old Tokaido hiking trail 12:15pm Lunch 1:00pm Ship Cruise 2:50pm Hakone Open Air Museum 6:00pm Head back

Boutique hotel in Kyoto

0% Funded

The prime location of the designer hotel as well as the convenient access of the two train lines allows for sight-seeing to be convenient and accessible during our stay in Kyoto.

Dinner at TAKA Kyoto Yanagikoji

100% Funded

Recommended by our good friend, and amazing artist, Hikalu, Tata will be a perfect place to us to enjoy our favourite food in Kyoto. Sophisticated dishes in a charming little restaurant.

Airbnb/hotel in Hiroshima

100% Funded

This is a new apartment unit next to the Hiroshima PeacePark and Shopping Arcade Perfect location for our stay and 15 mins to Hiroshima JR station.

Airbnb in Osaka

100% Funded

Studio Heaven in Dotonbori, Osaka, for our last major stop on the honeymoon tour. After this we have one night in Tokyo so we'll be looking to live a bit of lux.

Day trip to Nara from Osaka

100% Funded

An ancient capital of Japan, Nara is home to some of the country’s most important cultural places, including the world’s largest wooden structure. Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines dot the landscape

Udon Shin

100% Funded

Classic dinner in Tokyo. At the udon restaurant "Shin" located in Shinjuku, we can enjoy fresh noodles, cut and boiled just after the order is made, and made into delicious dishes.

Last night in Tokyo

100% Funded

A new apartment space in classy Akasaka neighbourhood - only 5 min from Akasaka Sta. / 7 min from Akasaka-Mitsuke Sta. With many nice restaurants & shops within walking distance.

Can't decide?

0% Funded

Can't decide? Simply contribute to the overall travel kitty, please do so here...