how it works

Set up a registry

Ready to get your registry up and running? Start off by registering an account with Honeypot. This process is completely free and lets you set up as many draft registries as you like. Once you’ve added the details of your wedding, you can start adding any items you would like to receive as gifts, such as flights, romantic dinners, big stuff for the house - pretty much anything you can think of!

Ready to go live? You will be asked to provide a few more details about yourselves to allow us to verify you. After paying a one off service fee your registry will be ready for you to share!

Send the link to your guests

Now that your registry is live, you can send the URL link to all your guests, or include it on your invitations. Guests can also search for your registry from the Honeypot homepage using one of your names.

Once guests have found your registry, they will be able to gift as much as they would like towards one or more items. A small transaction fee will be charged on top of the contribution amount.

If they prefer, guests may keep their contribution amount anonymous. Once a gift is made, guests have the opportunity to sign your registry guest book. Contributions are held by us on trust with ASB.

Watch the gifts pour in

Honeypot will transfer the contributions directly to your nominated NZ bank account every fortnight.

On your registry dashboard, you will also be able to view a list of all contributors and the total amounts contributed.

It’s that easy!

Any questions? Please see our FAQ's for more info!