Any New Zealand couple can use Honeypot. You just need to have a New Zealand bank account and address. Unfortunately we cannot accept overseas bank accounts due to NZ anti-money laundering laws.

Just click Create a Registry Now at the bottom of this screen and fill in all your details – simple! You can start, save it and come back later if you like – go live and pay when you’re ready.

Anything you like! You specify the items, so it’s totally up to you. Just because we want to make it easy, below are a few of our suggestions:
• Contributions to flights
• Cocktails on the beach
• Romantic meal out
• Tour around your honeymoon location
• Tickets to a tourist attraction
• A crazy adventure – think skydiving or bungy jumping (nothing like being petrified to bond as a couple!)

Nope – Honeypot can be used for anything you’d like! You choose the items, so it’s up to you to pick whether you’d like to ask for contributions to flights, cocktails on the beach, help buying a lounge suite or saving for a deposit, or anything else you can think of!

You’ll receive a transfer once a fortnight for all contributions received the fortnight prior.

Honeypot makes it easy for guests to give their gifts, by offering both Account2Account (bank transfer) and credit card options through the secure DPS payment system.

Absolutely – all money goes through the secure DPS payment system and is deposited into a separate bank account held on trust before being moved into your own account. Honeypot is only authorised to remove the transaction fees so you can be sure the contribution gets to you safe and sound as your guests intended.

A list of contributors is available from your registry dashboard to let you know who gifted you with which item. Guests also have the chance to sign the guest book so they can give you their well wishes.

To publish your registry, it’s just a one-off cost of NZ $150.

Because we’re dealing with money and transferring it through to you, we’re held accountable to New Zealand’s strict Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of Financing of Terrorism laws. In order to comply, we need to verify the identity of both people in every couple.

If you have a NZ Driver’s Licence, our website will electronically verify your identity using an online service provided by Verifi. If you don't have a NZ Driver’s Licence, you will need to send us a certified copy of your NZ or overseas passport.

Your documents can be certified by any of the following people, provided that they are not a relative and do not live with you:
• Member of the police
• Justice of the peace
• Registered medical doctor
• Registered teacher
• Minister of religion
• Lawyer
• Notary public
• New Zealand Honorary consul
• Member of Parliament
• Chartered Accountant

The referee must sight the original document, and make a statement to the effect that the documents provided are a true copy and represent the identity of the named individual. Certification must include the name, signature, and the date of certification. The referee must specify which of the above persons they are.

Either follow the link your loved ones gave you, or pop their names in the search box on the home page – check you’ve got the right page before you start giving gifts though!

Choose the gift (or gifts) you’d like to contribute to and enter in the amount you’d like to put towards it. Honeypot allows you to gift as much as you’d like towards a single or multiple gift items, meaning your gift is just as personalised as a physical gift would be – but you know that the couple will appreciate having more choice around how to use it.

You can pay via Account2Account (bank transfer) or credit card, giving you loads of options!

The couple has access to a dashboard which shows them a list of all contributions made and guestbook messages.

Honeypot allows you to make contributions from overseas using the credit card option. The Account2Account option is only available for New Zealand bank accounts. Be aware that if you’re using an overseas credit card your bank may charge a currency conversion fee.

Absolutely! You have the option of withholding your contribution amount from the couple. This means the couple will know that you have contributed towards a particular item(s), but not how much you contributed.

There is just a small transaction fee of $0.50 + either 1.5% of the contribution for Account2Account (bank transfer) or 3.5% for credit card payments. Fees are charged on top of the contribution so that the full contribution is received by the couple.

Absolutely – all money goes through the secure DPS payment system and is deposited into a separate bank account held on trust before being moved into the couple’s account. Honeypot is only authorised to remove the transaction fees so you can be sure the entire contribution gets safe and sound to your loved ones.

Honeypot is only authorised to pay out the contributions to the nominated bank account so unfortunately we cannot refund a contributed amount. You will need to get in touch with the couple to have the amount refunded.