Honeypot is all about celebrating Kiwi couples and helping guests give them the perfect gift. After all, we know exactly how that can make your wedding even better.

The idea for Honeypot came to us (Katie & Shane) when we were busy looking for some way to make our own registry easy for gifts. Having lived together for several years, we already have a house full of things. When we were thinking about what we would like to get for our wedding, we realised the last thing we needed was more dishes or linens – instead, we really wanted to ask for contributions to our honeymoon. However, we felt incredibly uncomfortable asking for money outright.

Enter Honeypot. We wanted to create an online registry that people could customise to specify what they would love to receive as gifts and guests could easily use to give their friends and family the perfect gift.

We brought in long-time friend Verity to join the Honeypot team, and the rest is history – we’re thrilled to be the very first couple to use Honeypot as our wedding registry!

the team

The Team
Verity, Shane and Katie